How Can Reiki Help My Fur Family Member?

Reiki provides stress relief and healing benefits to people, and it can provide those same benefits to our animal companions. Our furry friends are not typically participating in the same way as we do… lying on a table, still for long periods of time. They may wander about and the Reiki may be performed at a distance. They may become very relaxed and fall asleep. They may ultimately decide they don’t want Reiki at that moment, and that is okay. If you are contemplating Reiki for your pet, there are a number of applications.


Just as with humans, when we are relaxed, our immune systems are better able to heal ourselves. Reiki performed on sick or recovering animals can assist in the healing. Pets anxious about going to the vet might benefit from Reiki, as it will aid in alleviating anxiety and better prepare them for any necessary evaluation or procedure.

When animals are ready to leave us, Reiki can help an animal pass by creating a beautiful space to process the fact that they are transitioning. It can especially bring peace to owners, knowing their pet is more comfortable and relaxed in their final days.


Reiki can be an effective stress reliever for anxious or reactive animals. It is not meant as a cure-all or replacement for training, but it can serve as a complementary therapy to cultivate deep relaxation for pets living at home or in animal shelters. Rescue animals who have been in high stress environments, or who have experienced trauma, may gain more confidence.

Reiki and other alternative modalities are becoming a more accepted in shelters, veterinary clinics and other animal facilities, for the ultimate goal of improving the overall health and wellbeing of our beloved animal companions. Contact us today, Resonant provides animal Reiki services in the greater Phoenix Metro area and virtual Reiki services no matter where you live!